One Year At WCMC

Tomorrow, the twenty-first of June, marks my one year anniversary of my current job with the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. If you weren’t around when I made the grand announcement last year, the archives can fill you in to what remains one of the most monumental life shifts I’ve ever made.

In a poorly written attempt to celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m going to do a series of think-y, navel gazing, long-winded posts. The titles of the posts I’m planning are:

  • What Is It You’d Say You Do?
  • Take Note
  • Workblogging: My Brain In Blosxom
  • OS X Server – Apple’s Other Great OS
  • Make Your Own Workblog (Another 10 Minute Drill)

Work is not something I write about a lot here, so I realize the topics covered will be foreign for nearly all of my readers. Consider it a chance to see a whole different side of me. Hope you enjoy the posts – and hope I can keep the schedule.