I May Already Be A Winner

Remember those photos I took the day of the British Consulate bombing?
The day I took them, I was relatively happy with the distribution the photos saw – got used a couple of times on Gothamist, got a lot of views on Flickr, etc. On the advice of Suw, I also uploaded them to NowPublic and attached them to the breaking news about the bombing. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with NowPublic as of yet, but from what I saw of it, it was interesting.

I just received notification from Michael Tippett, who runs the site – apparently they have a contest going on for Citizen Photojournalism. And they just announced the first week results.

I apparently won.

I find it very strange to wrap my head around the fact that some pictures I took on a whim have earned me $100, but hey, I’m not complaining! Here’s to hoping I pull through for the $500 grand prize.