The Snowdown

As mentioned yesterday, today was the day we braved the cold and the mounds of snow in an attempt to find our way to Central Park for Youngna’s snowball fight.

We inadvertently arrived fifteen minutes early, and this turned out to be a fairly bad move as the wind whips ridiculously fast across the Great Lawn at times. Luckily, Jake made his presence known, and we all started plotting Youngna’s demise as the clock ticked past noon.

She arrived at 12:15, and Jake promptly dumped her headfirst into the snow. The fight was slow and rather powdery – the snow hadn’t melted any, which lends to good packing snow, so I ended up flinging showers of snow at people. The slow pace often lending to standoffs and snow wrestling.

We weren’t the only ones in the park having fun today – plenty of kids and their parents were out, sledding down Cedar Hill (despite the obviously wrong sign). There was a virtual parade of dogs – some romping, some walking normally, and some insisting on being carried by their owners. Almost all of them were in jackets, shirts, and boots. Très cute.

I’m grateful to not only have had a snowball fight on the Great Lawn with a number of photobloggers, but to have seen yet again how beautiful Central Park can be, even in the worst of conditions.

Photos from the rest of the snowballers: Jesse, Karen, Youngna on Flickr and on her site, Jake, Rion, Keith, Tien, and at long last Janelle. I swear, this is the most photographed snowball fight in history.