Agenda, Remainder of 2004

Now that the New Orleans trip has completed, and I’m back in NYC, I realize that most of the remainder of the month is booked. In the hopes of those people who enjoy my company being able to find me and perhaps join us for fun, here’s the lowdown:
12/11 – That’s today. Going to Manhattan for some shopping. Kicking myself over not having tickets for the Onion Holiday Party.
12/12 – Going to see Life Aquatic at 2:00 PM at Loews Lincoln Center.
12/13 – Work.
12/14 – Work.
12/15 – Work.
12/16 – OAC’s holiday party. I’ll be out till 9 or so.
12/17 – Slice Club! We’ll be joining Adam and the other pizza nuts for an evening of slices and skating. If you wish to join us, you need to RSVP by the 14th.
12/18 – it’s Katie’s 25th birthday! During the day we’ll be making our way to the Burberry store to pick up her birthday present (iPod case), and in the evening we’ll be heading to Matsu to have Gary lavish Katie with food. Anyone who wants to do something should contact Katie or I.
12/19 – Katie’s parents come up for Fauxmas and birthday continued celebration. They will be staying the night.
12/20 – Work.
12/21 – Work.
12/22 – Katie, Buttons and I jump on JetBlue for Ithaca.
12/23 – In Ithaca, soaking up the Ithacaness.
12/24 – Christmas Eve traditional festivities.
12/25 – Christmas proper.
12/26 – Mom + Dad + Buttons + Katie + I + presents hop in the car and return to Queens; parents continue on to Mass. to visit grandma.
12/27 – Work.
12/28 – Work.
12/29 – Work.
12/30 – Ladies and gentlemen, it’s your very last 2004 Tinkle. Todd, David, Jon – plus Paul Tompkins and Fred Armisen at the very least. A year ago, I saw Yo La Tengo play at Tinkle. Five months ago, I saw Ted Leo. Who else will get added to the list? You better be there to find out. Besides company we will have coming up, we invite EVERYONE AND ANYONE we know to join us for the best comedy in NYC. Please drop me an IM or an email if you’re going to be attending – the more the merrier. 21+ only, though.
12/31 – New Years Eve. We’re doing something, but we’re not sure what yet.
And that finishes out 2004. In a bit of sad new, it’s now looking 90% sure that I will not be attending MacWorld San Francisco this year; it would appear my next west coast trek will be in June for WWDC. Should this change, though, I’ll let you know immediately.