Torus Trooper

ABA Games has become somewhat synonymous with “fantastic, free games” over the last few years. Few gamers have been able to escape the shmup-y* goodness of such fantastic releases as Noiz2sa, rRootage, and Tumiki Fighters.
After playing Tumiki Fighters a few months ago, I honestly thought that would be the best that ABA could ever release. It was cute, it was more than just a bullet shower, and it was fun to play. What else could be done?
How sweet it is to be wrong and to behold Torus Trooper. Part Tempest, part F-Zero, part Rez, and – of course – part shmup, Torus Trooper is a frantic, fantastic game to play – and it’s totally free. Playing this should be required by law.
If you’re on OS X, you can find Torus Trooper here, along with ports of other ABA games. Many thanks to shinichiro.h for these ports.