The One Halloween Anecdote

I’ve never really been much for Halloween, outside of an excuse to eat more candy than usual. Not a fan of coming up with costumes, don’t find the appeal of putting up garish decorations…you get the idea.
Now, during the day I had noticed the odd “tradition” in Astoria – rather than going from house to house for trick-or-treating, the kids go into local businesses, all of which have candy they’re handing out. Even the venerable Video Game Buddy had a box of candy behind the case of games.
Tonight, Katie and I were picking up our dinner from the local Chinese place, and we realized that they were giving kids fortune cookies as the treat, which was nice. The wait staff seemed particularly amused every time a group of kids would come in.
At one point, a group of four kids in costume came in, and they were all given cookies. Three of them left, but out of the corner of our eye we noticed the fourth putting the cookie back on the counter and running over to the small kiddie-sized drink cooler. He then pulled it open, grab a can of Sprite, and stick it in his goodie bag.
The wait staff shouted at him in broken english as he very cutely walked towards the door and out of the restaurant.
Guess the kid was just obeying his thirst?