New Playlists: Election 2K4

Preface: As we wind down the clock towards what is going to undoubtedly be the most insane election that I’ve been alive for, I keep hoping I’m going to find the inspiration to write some epic post, grasping onto some new perspective on what’s going to transpire this week, and enlighten a handful of people as to something or other.

The realist in me knows this will never happen; so instead I set out to make a new iTunes mix of potential music for Tuesday. I don’t know what really qualifies as “election music”, to be fair.

The interesting thing that happened was that as I saw the track list growing, there were two distinct – and opposing – threads of songs I was picking. One was the traditional high-energy our-party-is-going-to-kick-their-asses sort of music. The other had a much more apathetic, god-I-hope-this-insanity-ends-soon feeling to it. This makes sense, as my brain is currently split both ways and while I will be voting and rallying Tuesday night, I keep hoping the country may go back to being less insane.

So with that in mind, I present you with not one, but two mixes. Tracks are in no particular order. If you need the name of the album I’ve pulled it from, I’d be happy to provide it.

The “We Will Win” Mix:

Wanderlust – Hold On, by The Wordsmiths
Tomorrow Never Knows (UNKLE Sounds Edit), by The Beatles
Vietnow, by Rage Against The Machine
3030, by Deltron
Callin’ Out, by Lyrics Born
Battle Without Honor or Humanity #3, by Tomoyasu Hotei
Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II), by Handsome Boy Modeling School
Are You A Visionary, by The Kleptones
No More Subliminal Shit, by Peace Division
Know Your Enemy, by Hybrid
Claustrophobic Sting, by The Prodigy
D.I.Y., by KMFDM
Counting Down the Hours, by Ted Leo
Boss Attacks (Remix), by Coldcut & Tim Bran
March Of The Pigs, by Nine Inch Nails
Choice (Sasha Remix), by Orbital
Clear Your Mind, by TaQ
Ten Below Blazing, by m-flo
Dirt, by Death In Vegas
A Day At The Races, by Jurassic 5
Be Careful What You Say, by Groove Armada

The “Please Let This Election Be Over Without A Civil War” Mix:

Politics In America, by Bill Hicks
Is It Wicked Not To Care?, by Belle & Sebastian
America Is Not The World, by Morrissey
The World’s Gone Mad, by Handsome Boy Modeling School
Don’t Blow Your Top, by KMFDM
Intolerance, by Tool
I Should Be Allowed To Think, by They Might Be Giants
Play Nice Kids, by 65daysofstatic
Painkiller – Kill the Pain (DJ Shadow Vs. Depeche Mode), by Depeche Mode
No Way Back, by Fat Jon
Two Points For Honesty, by Guster
Panic Attack, by U.N.K.L.E.
Mad World (Stefan’s Journey Into), by Gary Jules
Impact USA (The Earth Is Burning: Diversion), by Orbital
There’s a Better Place!, by Crazy Penis
Sad But True, by Orbital
You Can’t Go Home Again, by DJ Shadow
The State Of The Union, by Thievery Corporation
Ceremony, by New Order
American Way, by The Crystal Method