Gmail now has an inbox Atom feed

I cannot believe this – Gmail appears to now have an Atom feed for unread items in your Inbox.

The feed is located at – you would need to be logged in to see your own, so I believe this prevents the use of Bloglines for it at this time.
Here’s the feed source for a test message I sent, with an attachment:

<title>Test message</title>
<summary>This is a test message I&#39;m sending to my gmail account to show how my feed works. Also &hellip;</summary>
<link rel="alternate" href="" type="text/html"/>
<name>Daniel W. Dickinson</name>
<email>(my email address was here)</email>

I’m sure someone else can rave on and on about the importance about this, but let me just calm my nerves by declaring that this is potentially huge news.
Update: A number of #joiito regulars have not seen it yet, so perhaps it’s in alpha beta. Or beta beta. Or double secret beta. Or beta band. I don’t know, but I definitely have it.