Aim For The Head

In addition to the earlier post about the extremely good state of music these days, I also have to touch on cinema. This summer may have been a little lackluster, but there have been more than enough small scale surprises to make for mostly pleasant moviegoing.
One such instance of this opens in the US this Friday, and its name is Shaun Of The Dead. A self-described “romzomcom” – romantic/zombie/comedy – the movie is far from your typical zombie film.
While perusing the DVD (huzzah for having an import-capable DVD player, and cheers to Suw for making a convincing case for purchasing it), I realized the key reason I ended up enjoying it. It’s not merely a farcical zombie parody movie – in fact, it’s far from parody. Depending on how you want to look at it, it’s a comedy, OR a zombie movie, OR a romantic movie – and of course, you can take it as a combination of the three.
It is quite British, but also accessible if you’re not a British culture whore. There’s so many little homages to classic horror movies (the opening theme is the same as the one from the original Dawn Of The Dead) and nice subtle touches that it’s obvious SotD was made by people who really enjoy making movies, and that makes it a treat to watch.
So check it out this Friday – it deserves to be #1 at the Box Office after all the crap from this past month. Bring some friends. And afterwards, read this interview from The Movie Blog with Edgar, Simon, and Nick afterwards so you know what they’re going to be working on next.