Movie Ideas Popping Into My Head

Okay, so this just jumped into my head and I have to put it to digital ink immediately.
They should make a movie about this village, right. And it can be full of hipsters and punks and people who look at you with spite. They live a simple life, of selling knick-knacks, getting high, and protesting everything. And they have this peaceful coexistence with some mysterious force beyond the boundaries of their little dwelling, but of course at some point all hell breaks loose and people are dying and it’s like OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR VILLAGE. And they hide out inside the hipster video store even though everyone there is an asshole and the prices really aren’t that great.
And then some intrepid young slackers decide to trek beyond the edges of the village, and when they reach the outer limits of it they realize there’s a GIANT CITY AROUND THEM, FULL OF WONDERS.
And they can call it The East Village.
And despite how ridiculous this sounds, I bet you it’d be better than anything M. Night Shaylaman has done!