Pop’n Navy Preliminary Info

Everyone’s been chomping at the bit for Pop’n ranking site info. Well…work has begun, and I figured I’d take a minute out for some preliminary screens and features. Click through for the fun.

Obviously, since it’s based in the code for VJ Army, it’s going to have a lot of similarities – I hope to add some nice CSS to differentiate it look and feel wise outside of things I’m already doing (like capital letters – they’re so Pop’n!).

The main menu looks pretty similar; one minor note is that all users will have a naval rank based on their cumulative scores. Similar to the DJ points thing, as a reward for people who play and use the site a lot.
Links are struck out right now to remind me what I still need to do, in case you were worried.

The song DB is rather empty right now, but the next push will be to get some data in there for testing purposes. I already have converted banners for all of 8 and 9, and I think most of 7. Most users are going to need them to recognize which songs are which, so they will be used heavily on the site.

Default score entry screen. Pages are served as UTF-8 so everyone will see the Japanese characters properly. Required fields are score and combo (these are the only two things on the records screen, so don’t bitch) – optional include note counts and the four mod categories (high speed, visibility, pop type, and arrangement), comment field and picture URL. Ojamas will probably come in at some point but possibly not until after launch.

Oh, and for those that like English, there’s a user setting to romanize song names wherever possible.
To reiterate a point in my last blog entry about the site: NO, I AM NOT ASKING FOR TESTERS. I will, however, be asking for help – and people who help will get a first crack at using the site.
Also, thanks to the similarity in db design, there will be a simple form for VJA users to duplicate their accounts over on PNMN. And all VJA users will have a chance to before the site goes 1.0.
A large portion of coding will hopefully get done next weekend. If you’re really interested, join #vjarmy on OthersideIRC and wait till I start bitching as I code. It happens with unbelievable regularity.