The Joy Of n

When I was in my development phase of my gaming life, I had a passion for puzzle platformers. My first real salient computer game memory was of Jumpman. Later, when I got my Mac, I would spend hours playing Leprechaun. I think everyone’s played Lode Runner at one point or another.
The appeal of these games wasn’t only the tough as nails gameplay, or the minimalistic controls, but the ability to make your own levels was at the time, huge. Throwing together ridiculously silly, or fun, or impossible levels and then trying to master them is an often unmatched joy in gaming.
While trying to find diversions to keep me occupied for the weekend, I stumbled upon n. With the simple controls (left/right/jump), easy to follow goals, a huge number of levels in the base (150 in the current release, 200 in the current beta), an editor, and addictive “just one more” gameplay, this is completely taking me back to my childhood and making me giddy for gaming again.
And besides, you control a ninja. There’s nothing better than that.
I command you to download n now.