First Day Warm And Fuzzies

A lot of people have been asking how my first day at the new job went. I hereby give you a list, to deflect all IM comments!

  • It was, on the whole, good.
  • I filled out the HR paperwork in record time.
  • I have the absolute worst ID badge picture ever. I have red eye that is more noticable in one eye than the other, and the look on my face says “I would like to kill you for looking at my badge”. I guess I look like a killer robot. This may not be such a bad thing, in hindsight.
  • My cubicle is currently comedic, as I have a giant Dell tower (for the streaming software evaluation I’m doing), an IBM all-in-one just for kicks, a TiBook of some sort (belongs to one of my co-workers), and a dual 2 GHz G5 tower. And this is not the largest cubical in the world.
  • The software I’m evaluating is quite nice, although there’s some kinks we’re still working out.

That’s all I’ve got for now.