Quelle Weekend

Just updated to MT 3.0b2. The annoyances are ironing out, which makes me happy.
Friday: Saw Mean Girls. Was pleasantly surprised that Tim Meadows can, in fact, be funny. Who knew? Nearly strangled someone when Halcyon + On + On by Orbital was the tune carrying us through the last 2 minutes to the credits. I’m not sure if it annoys me more that it just makes the song slightly more played out, or that it reminds me of how much ass Orbital used to kick and how much I pray the last album is going to let them go out on a high note. Please, sirs, no more The Altogether style stuff.
Saturday: Went to a bizarre book signing in the upper east side, bought Wario Ware for the GameCube, and hit a new personal record for laundry drop-off at 39 pounds. Quite absurd.
Sunday: I get the feeling that the less said about today, the better. Let’s leave it at that.
This week: Probably will have to work at home one day because Buttons is going to need a vet trip, and other than that, it’s pretty wide open. Hard to believe that 7th Style comes out next week.