Extra sugar, extra salt, extra oil and MSG

A week from Sunday is my 24th birthday, a most unremarkable birthday year. At least at 25 I’ll be able to rent a car, although I can’t see myself even needing that privilege.
You may be thinking, “Oh shit, I should get him a gift!”, at which point I will put a gentle hand on your shoulder, thank you politely, and explain what a retard I am. See, I have this unfortunately habit where I’ll see something I want, and then I black out. Then, five minutes later, I come to while I’m walking out the door with a bag in my hand and my bank account being lightened. I really should seek medical treatment. In any case, I have tried repeatedly to throw together lists of things I want, and I’ve failed miserably to come up with a list of more than two things across multiple attempts. So let’s just skip the gift thing.
However, there are various opportunities of things going on this week that you *could* join in on.
Tuesday we *may* be going to the David Sedaris reading at Barnes & Noble Union Square. Knowing our track records with readings, we may just say screw it at some point on Tuesday, but just think – you can still be enriched and entertained, even without us!
Friday, we will be attending what I am going to dub “HOLYCRAPFEST 2004”. The endless mirth of They Might Be Giants. The raw, unbridled comedic yuckery of David Cross. The moderately cooked, bridled comedic digressions of Todd Barry. The amalgamated goodness of People Are Wrong. The little, yellow, different-ness of Sarah Vowell. And all of this being done for charity? And there’s a party afterwards? Don’t miss it.
Saturday, the tentative plan is that I will be trekking to the epic Tri-County Fair for some epic 9th Style action. It will be my first trip back to TCF in about 3 months. Details will be forthcoming.
In the evening, I’ve been told something is being planned, but I don’t know what. It would be in your best interest to discuss with Katie if you are interested in doing nameless things.
And for Sunday the 6th, my actual birthday…who knows.
(10 points to whoever gets the reference in the title.)