The Existance Of SMS

Can I just point out the great irony that I find in reading this on Scripting News this morning –

Another cautionary tale from the dinner in Amsterdam, SMS is going down the same path as WAP/WML, what used to be a firm standard is being extended in incompatible ways. There will be eighteen brands of SMS, and you’ll only be able to message people who use the same brand of phone. I don’t use SMS, I don’t think it exists in the US, but I understand it’s popular in Europe and Asia.

– while I was exchanging SMS messages with one of my co-workers? Keep in mind – we’re both in the USA, we’re on different carriers (T-mobile for me, Verizon for Ann), and we have different devices (Sidekick for me, some Nokia for her)?
This isn’t a slight against DW; it’s just that I love reading that something doesn’t exist while I’m using it.