Comedy Of Errors

Verizon was here this morning (still here) working on getting our T1 in.
Then we had our power blow out. We were sitting around doing nothing for 5 minutes.
I had the power come back to find that said power outage has made our two day old 80 GB drive on the Xserve fail 7 prefailure checks. Luckily this drive isn’t being used for anything substantial, but…
I called Apple about getting it replaced. They don’t even have it in their system yet for replacements, it’s so new. So I have to call back on Monday.
While I’m on the phone with Apple, my machine crashes. Apps hard lock, mouse still works. This seems to happy occasionally thanks to my iPod, but what makes this crash frustrating is that I was download an 80 MB beta of a game I’m supposed to evaluate.
I reboot, download the beta again, install it, and realize very quickly I can’t launch any new applications. I reboot. I find that the installer has set my Applications folder to permissions such that I can’t open it, let alone run anything.
10 minutes later, I’m back up and fine, but…jesus, what a shitty day.