I’ve Got Good News

You might be here hoping I can shed light on the recent drama on DDRFreak. Or maybe you just want some insight into the mod process behind Phrekwenci’s removal as a moderator, since he referenced me in his “announcement”. Unfortunately, this post is going to sadly disappoint you.
Generally, the happenings of the “hidden board” of DDRFreak – the moderator board – are strictly off-limits to discussion outside of the board. Obviously, this isn’t always kept true, especially given the events of the past few weeks. There would certainly could be a positive effect if someone came forward and explained what had happened – but the chances of repercussions, or the potential for the facts to set off more firestorms (because you know someone will be pissed), are way too high to violate the moderator agreement.
Since I became a mod a little over a year ago (has it only been that long?), I’ve definitely been through a lot of trials and tribulations. Every time I think I’ve seen the worst of it, there will always be a worse incident somewhere down the road. Regardless of whatever I try to keep the peace (and I try often), it never seems to last. VJ Army’s board, by comparison, is a refreshing cake walk. Eventually, you grow tired and want to move on with your time and energy. Don’t be surprised if that day comes soon for me.