Poor Bob Eubanks

Tuesday was, surprisingly enough, the eighteen month mark of the marriage of Katie and I. I think this officially puts us out of the “newlywed” stage, so there will be no opportunities for questions about the strangest place we’ve made whoopee to be answered in the hopes of winning a specially selected prize. I think this is the last non-year anniversary we’re allowed to recognize by law – after this it’s August 3rd only, baby.
The marriage is still going well; like all marriages, it’s a constant learning experience, with things to work on and help each other with. We make a good pair, Katie and I.
(There was a fairly depressing couple of paragraphs after this; I’ve decided to nuke them after some reflection. They dealt with me feeling stuck in a rut and like I needed something to break me out from the everyday drudgery. Truth is, I already did get re-centered and re-inspired, and I shouldn’t ever forget that.)