Everything, All At Once

I’ve been a little short on the writings lately, so let me catch everyone up with a huge post.
Where I’ve Been – people may have noticed I wasn’t online much this weekend. As it happened, we had an implicit need to come back to the coldhole known as Ithaca – I had a bank account to close, and we were about due to come back for a quick visit. We’re staying until Monday morning, bussing back to the city, and I should be home around 2 PM.
What We Did For Valentine’s Day – went to the Cornell/Yale Men’s Hockey game. This will sound silly unless you’ve been to a Cornell hockey game – which everyone should do at least once in their lives, even if you don’t go to Cornell.
VJ Army – people keep bugging me about it, so here’s the public decree – don’t email me. Don’t IM me. Just wait patiently until I reopen registration, which should be this week. Every email with someone assuring me they’re not an asshat just makes me push it off farther because I’m annoyed.
Random Recommendations – wrapped up my first run on Metroid Zero Mission very quickly (3:13, 60%), working on my second run now. No spoilers, but I thought the Metal Gear Metroid section was RETARDED. No judgement on FF:CC yet because I haven’t played it enough, nor have I touched the multiplayer. Gackt’s Crescent is good despite his attempt to rap on the first track.
Orkut Funnies – as people have been noticing, my social butterfly-ism has been quite noticable at Orkut. I’ve had at least one person come up to me and start fake-bowing and going “ORKUT MASTER, ORKUT MASTER” after finding my profile, which is odd and amusing. But today we hit a special bit of amusement – I was unaware that Orkut had added Valentine’s cards, which are a neat little use for the software. Katie was also unaware until one of the people from her Japanes Horror community sent her one. Orkut offers you 10 pre-selected social networking-ish messages. This guy picked “I searched for love, and I found you.” This will certainly be getting interesting.
My Special Wish – I realize that between Katie and I to travel, we need to bring a minimum of seven power cords – two cell phone, two iPod, one iBook, one razor, and one (shared) GBASP. I’d really love to see electronics makers standardize on ONE damn power cord shape. This is a complete pipe dream, but a man has to keep his hopes high.
The Gaming Week Ahead – more work on Pokemon Sapphire (Colloseum is out soon!), more runs through Metroid Zero, some multiplayer FF:CC, SMBA4 now that I have the e-reader cards, and probably some IIDX 4th Style for the course of the week.
I think I’m done for the night. Back home tomorrow.