You Know It’s MacWorld Time When…

…this is what you see when you enabled Rendezvous messaging in iChat.

Notes thus far:
Hotel is quite nice, as I’m obviously online and the digs are certainly snazzy enough.
Plane flight was what it was; I passed on watching Cuba Gooding Jr. further destroy his career in The Fighting Temptations and played Mario & Luigi for around 6 hours straight. First thing I hear upon arrival: “Welcome to San Francisco International Airport. Our current Homeland Security Terrorism Level is ORANGE ALERT!” Already I miss Katie, Buttons, and NYC. But SF is nice on a whole – certainly a whole different beast.
John Han is a sweetheart for picking me up and palling around for so long.
McDonalds hit a new distinction today by serving me the absolute worst orange juice I’ve ever had in my life.
All in all, I’m feeling a little bit of Lost In Translation, but knowing that everything will get crazy Broadway-style tomorrow means I’m certainly not disliking the downtime.