More Spam Funnies

It’s really sad – spam is rapidly becoming a great source of humor in my life. Especially when it appears to be written by a 12 year old (to get around spam filters, I guess) and contains the term “rapturous asparagus” and “fellatio suntanned Magellanic duckling”.

From: Questions <>
Subject: Sooper s_eks machine – want ladiz to think of you the same? rapturousasparagus
Date: January 26, 2004 9:18:24 PM EST
To: Dan Dickinson

As you all know we can have best plesarues only for some little time.
Nobody can have it 2 4 h a day and 3 5 6 days a year.
fellatio suntanned Magellanic duckling
What is the best plesarue a man can only have?

Mnoey, cars, food?

No, woemn!

Cause wmoen can give us plesarues nobody else can!
We have s.e.e.k.s with them and that’s where we are relaxed, satsifeid and mostly raivsehd.
Everybody likes it as well as you! But a cc0k is a cc0k and 2 or 3 hours
after you start making lvoe with the one you lvoe it grows weak and it’s all over.
sierraKauffman Moreland revampinglungs
Well, I’ve mentioned earlier that nobody can have plesarue 2 4h a day!
Well some can – a mammal lives north of Canada that can have s.e.e.k.s almost non-stop
for many days! Scientist studied this mammal thoroughly and discovered that
it has some cheimcals no other creature has that allow having s.e.k.s for so long.
They did their best and created this same cheimcal.
Want to become same sxueal giant alike this mythic creature?
Want your hnoey b-a-b.e to cry for long hours of persistent s.e.e.k.x?
Want to get these new p1i1s created from this cheimcal?
G0 here to learn more about it!

And to think I had almost deleted this.