Lots of MWSF Observations

Tangential crypticism: Life is really, really weird.
On the subject:
I’ve met a bunch of people that I’ve been talking to online for a while. Some I’ve been really happy to meet (Brad, Karri, Susan, Adrian, Milton, Nastassya) and had great times with, some I’ve been not so sure about (most people know who this is). Tomorrow I meet another 10 or so, which will be crazy and nutty and whatever else.
The show is going well for us, inventory is moving well and a ton of people are interested in ToySight. I’m crossing my fingers for a Best Of Show, since Halo and UT2K4 are so very much the same. We’re running low on inventory on a couple of games, which indicates either good sales or we didn’t bring enough. I like the former.
Seen a lot of press people and whatnot I’ve gotten acquainted with over the years; besides Brad and Peter, I’ve met Sean from Gamesome Mac, Shawn from Your Mac Life, Dennis from MacMinute, Brian from Pangea and I saw Droo again, which was good. I had a nice chat with one of the guys from Yohoho Puzzle Pirates, which was good because I think they’re not too different from us.
Customers have been good and largely sane, which is a good change of pace. ToySight demoing makes us all very tired, although I’m thrashing the high scores to the point where Karri and Steve are only trying to knock me off the list. Mwa ha ha.
Went to the MacAddict party, which was nice because it was low-key. Felt really bad about having to miss the MacWorld party, which Peter has been guilt tripping us about – I really did want to go, but my legs were about to fall off.
I keep eating lunch at the Metreon, which is surprisingly good.
Bums in San Fran are much more aggressive than those in NYC. One told us that she wanted to have our babies, but that we couldn’t touch it. Another asked us to adopt him because he was toilet trained and could sleep standing. I miss NYC bums.
Keynote though – iPod Mini is too expensive. I want GarageBand. We’re ordering an Xserve G5 as soon as they’re available.
This is not getting reported at all – MacPlay is NOT at the expo. At all. Take this as you will if you care about anything.
Fun gaming area anecdote – there was a Halo tourney today. 8-machine LAN rounds. First round starts, and suddenly there’s a ninth player, named MadCow, who promptly destroys everyone. They have to restart the tourney and lock the game. Not sure if this was someone at another demo machine or someone with a laptop, but it was a hell of a hijack.
Annoying gaming area anecdote – every iMac in the gaming area still has THPS4 on it. People keep launching it. Grrrr.
I think that’s all for now. Tomorrow is the SVGL pilgrimage, which will be trippy. Despite the fun I’m having and the people I’m finally meeting, I really am looking forward to go home on Saturday and try to relax.