Five Songs Of The Week

This week is a week like many others. Here are the five songs I’ve been playing the hell out of:
Just Be, by m-flo, off Planet Shining
It’s funny how often I’m finding new m-flo songs to write about, given that they haven’t really released much lately. Another song off their first album (like orbit-3), this one is just as laid back, has a good Lisa vocal line, and some decent rapping from Verbal; the refrain is what slays me every time, though.
Hey Ya! by Outkast, off The Love Below
After I had first seen the video for Hey Ya!, I said to myself “I know that at some point I am going to be driven to find this song and listen to it ad naseum.” Then the other half of my brain goes “RESIST THE TEMPTATION. NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY DID TO THE ROOTS.”* But this is far too catchy and far too fun to hold a grudge.
(* Long story short, when they were playing a show with The Roots at Cornell during my freshman year, they started a fight between the bands over who would go on last; Outkast claimed they should because they had sold more records, as opposed to The Roots who were listed as the headliners on the materials. Outkast won.)
Midsummer Flowers – Midsummer Dreams by Sana, off Sana-Mode II
I liked the song on the 9th Style OST, I like it even more full-length. Sana hits all her vocal marks here; the half-screeching yell, full singing, half speak-singing, she can do it all. And while I can’t figure out what genre this is, it’s all good.
Happy Holidays (Beef Wellington Mix), by Bing Crosby, off Christmas Remixed
Look, we’re all sick to shit of Christmas songs. That’s why you need to go and buy Christmas Remixed immediately; it will return Christmas music to your good graces. Many of the tracks on the album stand out, but I can only choose one, so I submit for your approval this funky jazzed up version of Bing’s Happy Holidays, with lots of brass and verve. Do pick this one up.
Small Waves, by dj TAKA, off Beatmania IIDX 4th Style OST
I’ve been trying to pick IIDX back again after the moving-induced hiatus. After randomly tossing in 4th Style again and finding the handful of songs I liked once more, I kept coming back to this one. There are some great little riffs in here, and it’s such a fun bouncing track, how can I not listen to this? How can anyone?
Alright, enough gushing for now.