Welcome to the new blog, same as the old blog.
vjarmy, in case anyone is wondering, is one of my all-time favorite IIDX songs. Written by good-cool, VJ Army is in the genre of “all mix”, making it a unique song as it crosses from Techno to Trance to Drum’n’bass to Two Step. The video is extremely cool (the art linked to the genre names above are offshoots of the video), and the song is kickin’ rad too.
I figured it was a fitting domain name, as my blog tends to merge all of my interests – from music games to online hijinx to technology issues to the joy of NYC. Thus, all mix – thus,
I realize the point will be lost on most everyone who reads my blog, but who cares? I’m having a blast doing it, and this new web host will potentially give me much more room to work with for creative processes and whatnot.