Three Ridiculously Cool Panther Hacks

For those running Panther, all three of these you need to know about now.
1) Enable focus-follows-mouse in Terminal:
While in the terminal, enter defaults write FocusFollowsMouse -string YES, then restart Terminal.
2) Use the alternate “show desktop” behavior for Expos´┐Ż
While in the terminal, enter defaults write wvous-olddesktop -bool false; killall Dock – now the Show Desktop behavior compacts everything into a little window, ala Minimize In Place. Much better than shoving things off the edge of the screen.
3) Dictionary auto-complete.
Start typing into a text field, then hit F5. Bam, instant popup of possible endings to the word.
(1 and 2 are from; 3 is from Mark Levin.)