The Rapidly Growing Gaming Dilemma

I had this wizzy idea a few weeks ago – for the end of the year, I was going to do up a few top 10 lists, doing short reviews for the things I had passed on fully vetting on my blog over the course of the year. (Most of my reviews are for things I hate.)
One of these lists, inevitably, was going to be for video games. For when you consider that I’m no longer in school, you realize my disposable income is higher, and thus, more games, on a more regular basis, rather than me splurging after a bad prelim or what have you.
But every week, this idea seems increasingly difficult. Something new is perpetually coming out and beckoning me like some sort of siren song. For instance, today marked the long awaited release of SSX 3, and I went out of my way to track it down, based on my huge love of SSX Tricky.
Expectations for SSX 3 have been really high, and as I played it tonight, I realized it shattered every single one I had.
So now I have SSX 3 vying for a top spot of the year along with Disgaea, Viewtiful Joe, NBA Street Vol. 2 (SHUT UP JARED), as well as about 15 other games I’d also want to squeeze into the top 10.
Should be an interesting pain in my ass to write this.