Sapphire Bulletted Updates Of Love

Just a few notes to those concerned about my well being, with apologies to TMBG:
-The move in went fine, mostly. The biggest hassle has been that the address was wrong, and I had to resubmit a change of address form. On the other hand, Verizon was somehow able to turn my phoneline on immediately. Go figure!
-I won’t be online from home until 10/8, which is when the cable guy is scheduled to stop by. We’ll see if he sticks to the schedule. The deposit on converter boxes here is MURDER.
-I seem to be living a whole 5 blocks from Benjamin Birdie, of Genre City fame. If you didn’t read it the first time I posted his link, now’s a good time.
-I know my RSS feed took a dump and thus everyone who subscribes to me via LiveJournal had a flood of my old entries on their friends listing. I’m sorry. At least you won’t get the “…” at the end anymore.
-There are definitely some good restaurants in Astoria.
-It’s a strange change of pace working in an office again after a year of working at home. Not bad, though.
-Our cat is nuts.
-I still don’t have any pictures of anything ready because our digital camera is being retarded.
I think that’s about it for now.