Holding Pattern

Some of you may have noticed that I am, in fact, still online. This does not jive with the originally stated plan of “leaving on Friday morning”. Let me explain what’s happened this week.
On Tuesday, we took our car down to Shade Tree Auto in hopes they’d be interested in buying it off of us. John took it for a test drive with me, and pointed out all the things wrong with it (most we knew, some we didn’t), but then still offered us $700. I need to add that this is an 87 Volvo Wagon with 140,000 miles.
The next day, we’re running errands, and we have more to do when the accelerator on the car stops working. Just no response. We manage to pull into Triphammer safely, and the car won’t stay running after we shut it off once.
We get it towed down to Shade Tree. My mom saves the day and loans us her car. We go down to Shade Tree and now our offer is only $500, which is generous considering the car doesn’t run.
Then, the next day, Katie’s parents arrive. We go down to pick up the U-Haul, and after loading the old TV in it, we notice the Service Engine light is on. So the truck goes back to U-Haul temporarily and gets fixed.
Then on the way back from Best Buy (new TV) and Pizza Hut (dinner), Katie’s parents’ car won’t go in reverse.
We’re leaving tomorrow at 4 AM. Yurgle.