Put Me Down For A Copy Of That Fair And Balanced Book

Every time I turn on Fox News, I think “Good lord, is there anything that can make me hate this channel more than I already do?”
And they *always* manage to do it.
They’re suing Al Franken over his new book. Why?
They claim to have copywritten “fair and balanced”.
They claim he’s a “parasite”, and that he’s “either intoxicated or deranged”.
That he is somehow disqualified from having a book because he “is neither a journalist nor a television news personality”.
That he “He is not a well-respected voice in American politics; rather, he appears to be shrill and unstable. His views lack any serious depth or insight.”
I am honestly quite shocked they didn’t go so far as to call him a terrorist and/or anti-american. Although I’m sure they’re saving that for the air.
So yeah, I’ll put in a pre-order next time Katie’s at work. God knows if they’re going to make this much noise about it, I’ll be happy to put it next to Eric Alterman‘s book on my shelf.