Only In Ithaca #3

(See also: Only In Ithaca #1 and #2)
A few days ago, Katie and I were at CTB over at Triphammer Mall grabbing a bite. When we get back out to our car, we’re just about to pull out, when we notice something rather peculiar.
Off to our left, there is a blue van. We recognize this van, and the woman in it, as someone from our complex.
She is sitting in her car, with a can of whipped cream. She is squirting the whipped cream onto her finger, and then placing the finger in her mouth to eat the whipped cream.
Keep in mind: it’s 85 degrees at this point in the day. Her car is not running, as far as we can tell. Her windows are up.
Also keep in mind: There is no grocery store in Triphammer Mall. This means she has *brought* the whipped cream can from another location, to this particular parking lot, to eat it.
My life is rapidly turning into Ghost World.