Only In Ithaca #4

(In case you’ve missed the past entries, here are #1, #2, and #3.)
Driving home from the grocery store today, we get to the three-way stop near our apartment, where the Bill Cooke dealership is, and we notice the following bizarre situation:
Directly in front of us, on our side of the intersection, there is a car stalling at the stop sign.
To the right side of the intersection, another car is stopped at the stop sign and unable to move.
So what could possibly be stopping traffic from the third point of the intersection?
A girl in a wheelchair, wheeling her way by hand uphill in the center of the road.
After sitting there trying to figure this out, how to properly get around her, etc, the car to our right goes first, passes her on the right, rolls down their window, asks her something (probably if she needed help), keeps on driving. She keeps on wheeling.
Car in front of us does the exact same thing. She just keeps on wheeling.
We go by her. I don’t stop to ask her if she needs help because by this point I just want to get around her. Of course, as I go by her and look in the rear view mirror, I notice she has stopped and is just looking at our car.
And as I continue to drive off, she continues to just sit there, unmoving.
There’s probably a lesson to be learned here, but it’s escaping me. Oh yeah – don’t fucking wheel your wheelchair in the middle of the road.