Only In Ithaca #5

I really should start a new category for these.
Was in Hollywood Video near our house today.
While we were browsing the DVDs, I heard what sounded like guitar strumming.
I look over, and the following people – all around 18 years old – were standing in a circle, talking:
Guy, wearing a poncho and a few scarves, holding a guitar.
Girl, wearing a black trash bag and an orange hunters cap.
Guy, wearing what appeared to be an apron and what I can only think to describe as a slightly feminine hat.
Girl, wearing a neon green soccer jersey and a neon green cat-in-the-hat sized hat.
The details are a little blurry at the moment, as I was also grappling with trying to get a free rental because the copy of Wasabi we had rented was scratched enough to skip over 2 chapters worth of plot. (Movie was surprisingly good and I recommend you rent it, and not just because Jean Reno plays DDR in it.)
Regardless: who the fuck are these people, and what are they doing in my town?