IIDX Nerd Overflow

I am, in case you haven’t noticed, overzealous about a little game called Beatmania IIDX. One reason I could be considered overzealous is because I have two home controllers, rather than one like most people. This, in and of itself, isn’t too much of a red flag, but:
Yesterday, I noticed an imbalance in my controllers. The older controller – 18 months old – has a fantastically loose turntable, which is great for scratching, but the keys are prone to sticking easily and requires cleaning after a few weeks of play. The newer controller – about 3 months old – has a largely undamaged key set, but a really stiff turntable that inevitably makes me miss a note or two.
Since the key portions are easily detached, I swapped them, and had one uber controller, and one controller I’d rather not touch. Seemingly the end of the story, were I a reasonable person.
But somehow, I have ended up with the turntable portion of the newer controller in my lap as I sit at the computer, and I’m absent-mindedly spinning the disc (hur hur) back and forth in an attempt to loosen it up.
I think I just broke the red zone of ridiculousness.