The Legend Of Remy!

Everyone knows that since DDR Extreme came out, the whole “LEGEND OF _____” joke has been beaten to death. I never had any interest of jumping on the bandwagon, and quite honestly, I still don’t – but coincidence is a strange thing.
So Katie and I were down at Hollywood Video on Thursday night, and after snagging About Schmidt, I’m digging through the new releases, and I see Porn Star: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy. Now, I had heard about this documentary months ago, and like everyone else on the planet, I knew I had to see it. So we rented it.
(An aside: It’s very good. Go rent it.)
Now I’m sitting at my desk today, which as usual is a mess with a ton of DVDs and various other pieces of junk all over it. This includes the case for the aforementioned movie – because Katie and I pop in DVDs as we try to get to sleep. I look at the case, and I notice that the sticker from Hollywood Video is blocking the title of the movie in such a way that…

Kooky shit.