The Controller Arrives

So enough shipping tracking; the second IIDX controller has arrived.
Already I’ve noticed one very key thing about IIDX Doubles – and that’s that I’m absolutely terrible at it. It’s going to take a complete relearning to be able to do this. This is like learning to drive automatic for years, and then trying to jump in a manual and get to the mall.
Katie is starting to devote a little more effort to the game as well; she’s having the standard starting frustration, as well as additional frustration from her refusal to touch Beginner Mode, and her insistance on playing one handed. I’m hoping she breaks through that entry barrier soon and starts cranking through the 2 and 3 stars more readily.
And meanwhile, DJ Ryry made me cry again today; I’ve mirrored this video (23.6 meg MPEG) of him playing Murmur Twins Another and getting ye olde AAA. All I can do is shake my fist and curse. (Those of you who are still wondering about this IIDX thing may want to watch that video, it might become a little clearer, although the machine is quite hard to hear.)