Kim On The War

I would just throw this on the link bar on the right, but it hit me a little too hard to just pass up without a mention. Kim – you know, the “Revolving Duck” entry on my blogroll – posted one last entry before she took her blog down because MT is being odd for her. Entitled just [static], it recounts her having to say goodbye to an acquaintance because he’s shipping off to Afghanistan.

Guy X’s leaving sets me further in my “messed up” train of thought. Go ahead. Call me crazy, stupid, ignorant. Dish it out. I don’t care. This war is like a religion – no one will ever, ever be right. There is no “right” to this. Just respect people’s thoughts and ideas, for crying out loud. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re “mis-guided” or whatever. It means they’re human.