Book Changeover

While on my way into NYC, I cranked through the remainder of Eric Alterman’s What Liberal Media?. I’ve always had this absurd interest in media analysis, and given the trends and political movements in this country for the past 5-10 years, this book is certainly topical.
I can say, with an entirely straight face, that this is likely the best non-fiction book I’ve ever read. Well researched, amusing at times, looks at all sides of the argument. Covers the 2000 Election, the Clinton era, and 9/11, as well as plenty of other historical bases. Hits all major forms of media (TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, Internet, etc).
I strongly urge everyone out there to go out and buy this book immediately.
With that out of the way, and given that my first 4 hours back in Ithaca were spent at Barnes & Noble helping Katie and the rest of the staff make it through the Harry Potter party, my next book is unsurprisingly Order Of The Phoenix. I’m about a quarter done at the moment, and it’s quite readable, even without have touched any of the books previously and having only seen the movies. We’ll see when I get it finished.