A Rush Of Blood To The Head

While I was undergoing my RSS feeding frenzy a few days ago, I stumbled across a post – god if I remember where, wasn’t on anything I normally read – with tips about “how to get me to read your blog” more often. I snickered at this, and read, and there was one that read to the effect of:

Focus on something. Blogs that are about ‘random blabbering’ or anything like that aren’t really that interesting. If you stick to one topic, it’ll be more interesting. Even if I have no idea what you’re talking about, if you write with conviction, it’ll become interesting.

Now, for some reason this has stuck with me, all the way into NYC. Even more strangely, I keep looking at Anil Dash’s page and Jason Kottke’s with a quirked brow. When I started my web page on csoft, I too had a “remaindered links” section; it was called the Linkpad, and I had Javascript set up for inputting links back then much like I currently have a Javascript set up to facilitate blogging.
So I sat, and I stewed, and I came to the realization that yes, I’d kind of like this to be a little more focused. The whole thing has seemed rather unorganized, and this is because the more personal posts get mixed in with the random links to things I find funny/interesting/etc, so it dilutes my thoughts.
So, with that in mind, and some sidebar rearrangement, I now have a remaindered links blog. It’s a work in progress, it’s fairly empty for now (the links there have mostly been posted to my blog already, so there’s no use in hoping for anything new as I write this), but hopefully it’ll go back to what the Linkpad was – my way of sharing links without having to “publish” something each time.
Granted, this means that if I want the truly personal section to stay thriving, I need to wrote considerably more about my personal life. That, or observations on the world.
I think I can swing that.
Edit: Shedding dead weight here; topic icons are gone for being needlessly pointless, and the Japanese fashion thing is gone as it no longer interests me.