X-2, Matrix, And IRC Comedy Stylings

Katie and I just got back from X-2. It was entertaining, and it was certainly better than the first movie, but it’s still not falling into my “I want to own this on DVD” category. It’s really sad when I can break all the actors/actresses down into three distinct categories; entertaining (Cox, McKellen, Jackman, Stewart, Cumming), not entertaining (Halle Berry by far exemplifies this; also, Marsden and Janssen), and wasted (Paquin and all the kid actors who were on for about 5 seconds of total screen time). Worth seeing, but maybe just as a matinee.

Also notable, we purchased tickets for the very first showing of Matrix Reloaded at Regal; 10 PM on Wednesday. Other people in the Ithaca area are more than welcome to meet up with us there if you’re going to that showing; leave me a comment or an IM or something.

Finally, Jared posted a little video game comedy we had earlier in #ctc. Comedy up the wazoo. So go have your wazoo made slightly more hilarious – unless you’re a Miyamoto fanboy.