WarioWare Competition, Sort Of

So Sl1p and I decided that this would be a jolly good time to have a little WarioWare competition. It’s on the honor system, and only people with GBAs can compete (read: no emulators), but it should be an enjoyable time that is had by all. So mash that A button!
Also, most of the ridiculously large debate in the comments for the last post was for naught; the consensus seemed to be Fusion, except that when I got to Gamestop, they didn’t actually seem to have any. This narrowed it down to Aria of Sorrow and Pokemon – and I wanted something that wasn’t being described as “extremely short”. So Pokemon Sapphire it is, as well as a GC->GBA link cable. I don’t get to crack open either until my birthday, though – Katie claims I’m “too spoiled”.