Subliminal Messages Are So 5 Minutes Ago

“Good teenagers, take off your clothes.” in Aladdin.
The penis on the cover of Little Mermaid.
Dust spelling S-E-X in The Lion King.
Yes, everyone at one point or another has heard of those magical “subliminal messages” in Disney films.
But as I’ve been watching TV lately, I’ve noticed a slight shift in Disney’s master plan of trying to invoke sex on the world.
Take, for instance, one of the current Disneyworld commercials (suspiciously missing from their website). A kid talks about all the fun stuff he did with his parents while on his magical Walt Disney World vacation, and then slips in this anvil:
“This is my baby brother. Mom says he’s her little souvenir from Disney World!”
Kid, oblivious. Mom, laughs. Audience, jaws on the floor.
If that wasn’t wacky enough, there’s the new Visa Check Card “win a private party for you, 7 of your guests, AND ALL THE OTHER WINNERS” commercial. Starts out with the standard “Couple looks like they’re going to get it on” pose, husband says “Shall I put on some music to get us in the mood?”, wife nods, and he puts on Bippityboppityboo and they start playing with the kids celebrating having won said vacation thing. It’s cute, we’ve seen this misdirection in tons of ads before.
But then the punchline of the ad? One of the kids is on a carousel with what appears to be his grandparents, and again, damnable Bippityboppityboo starts playing. The kid says to the old folks:
“This song gets Mommy and Daddy IN THE MOOD!”
And the grandparents just casually quirk their eyebrows, as if to say, “Doesn’t it get everyone in the mood?”
So much for being subliminal.

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Some friends and I actually found the part in AladDin where he says, “Take off your clothes”. If you play it very loud you can hear it. Its when Aladdin its on the princesses balcony. It zooms down to show the genie and the rug talking. As soon as that is over, it goes back up to reveal Aladdin sitting awkwardly on the balcony edge with his foot near the tiger’s head. He says, loudly, “Good kitty”, and, quietly (turn the sound up as high as possible), “Take off your clothes”.

There are alot of disney subliminal messages. In alladdin if you listen closly you can hear him say “Good Teenagers, Take of there clothes”. In The little mermaid there is the shape of a penus cleverly disguised in the gold castle. Also in the little mermaid the priest gets an erection when ariel marrys. IN Lion king when simba falls dust comes out and say and spells out “SEX”. In one of the comercials disney has two kids one is a older brother telling his little brother about disneyworld and that he can’t wait to go there. Well in the breifcase he has there is a dildo inside. Hard to see but its there. And finally in the REscuers down under when they are flying on the bird. in the background a women is naked in a window that they pass bye.

I HURD ALICE IN WONDERLAND IS ABOUT A YOUNG GIRL ON A MUSHROOM TRIP!!!!!! all the same things happen when your on mushrooms…. AND she passes out…um….THIS WORLD IS MESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been watching that movie for like 7 years…AND NOT TIL I DID MUSHROOMS DID I NOTICE ALL THE SAME SIDE AFFECTS!!!!!!!!!! wasnt it created in the 60’s anyways???! i dont know man thats trippy