Nerd Powers, Activate!

My copy of Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style came in today. This means I now have a copy of every IIDX home version, and the majority of them are legitimate, too.
My second controller is “Heading To Warehouse”, which is confusing because a few days ago it was “Ready, In Stock” – but oh well, I’m used to the YesAsia shuffle by now.
I have decided that I’m finally going to make a central IIDX information repository; not because it hasn’t been done, but because it’d be nice to have a central location in English again. And also I have a ton of info in my database that’s just waiting to get dumped into more tables.
Birthday is coming up on Friday; I won’t make a post with what I want you all to buy me because I know damn well no one will buy me anything. Not that you don’t love me, but that you’re all so cheap. And I love you all for that.
More later, I guess.