Woo Categories

Not three days ago I’m at glancing at plugins, and I’m looking at this plugin for category topics, thinking “Hmm, I’ve been looking for someway to make the category tags worthwhile; maybe I’ll install this in a few days.
Lo and behold, I’m checking my blogroll this morning, and my arch-nemesis Kim has already done it. *shakes fist*
Anyhow, so, yeah, those little images, those are for categories. They link to the category archives, which for now suck because since I just redid my categories for the 4th time, everything needs to be re-categorized. ANYWHO, icons go as follows:
My cartoon head is for personal anecdotes or news.
The globey thing (sharp eyed readers will realize I ripped the icon off of NetNewsWireLite) is for other interesting blog posts.
The “We are not all jerks” flag is for anything relating to the war or politics.
Jay Sherman is for reviews.
MC Chris (yes, THAT’S the guy with the glasses) is for shameless geekery.
Tran (the little alien listening to the headphones) is for Bemani.
The clock tower is for Ithaca.
The snappy 50s photo of three people singing is for society in general.
The terminal icon is for website-specific news.
The man who should not be running because he is on fire is for nonsequitors, ie, everything else.
There’s a few icons missing, but they’ll get filled in soon.
Okay then, onward.