Three quick MAX2CS song reviews

So MAX2 just shipped in Japan, and people are probably wondering about the 3 new remixes. Here’s some reviews.
Look To The Sky Trance Remix
At first listen, I said “This is just the old version with a new instrument on top of it”. Giving it a second listen, it’s a little more than that, but it still feels like a middle of the road remix. Thumbs in the middle.
Do It Right 80’s Electro Mix
I’ve been on a little Electro kick as of late, and this certainly keeps me going in that direction. Sounds almost completely different from the old version, save the vocals obviously. Not COMPLETELY electro, but electro enough! Definitely thumbs up.
Kind Lady Interlude
Starts off like it could be a great disco Daft Punk-ish remix. Then it turns into a sort of half mix between the Rough Instrumental from V-Rare 1 and the original. Does nothing for me. Thumbs down.