Don’t Copy That Wrigleys!

50,000 Pirated CDs Crushed with Steamroller
So Peru is taking a big stand against counterfeit goods. They decided to steamroll a bunch of pirated CDs and the like. Since 98% of the CDs there are pirated, this is fine by me.
But then there’s this:
Moscoso told Reuters that the steamrolling operation, which also destroyed pirated videos and chewing gum, prevented losses of $750,000 for the music industry.
Chewing gum? Pirated chewing gum?
Perhaps this problem is more widespread than previously thought; what’s the status of our chewing gum here in the US? Is it an original, or is it pirated? How are we supposed to know the difference – is there a hologram on the wrapper, or some other authenticity test?
How would one pirate chewing gum, anyhow? And is there an entire secret “release” group underground copying new types of gums, candies, and snacks on a regular basis and trying to outdo each other in terms of releases?
The mind boggles. (Thanks to Wraith for the inspiration.)