CRACK – a good thing?

Found via boingboing this morning: A Salon article about an organization entitled CRACK – Children Requiring A Caring Kommunity.
We now take an ample pause for jokes about Krusty and/or the Discordians being responsible.
Anyhow, CRACK has a pretty radical – and by “radical”, I mean in the “major” sense, not the “Cowabunga dude” sense – idea. They will give drug addicts $200 (plus $50 more if they refer a friend!) if they get sterilized.
What’s troubling me here is I have no idea how to feel about this. It’s good that drug addict would stop having babies, sure; but at the same time, that $200 is sure as hell going straight to the dealer and isn’t changing the fact that, well, they’re drug addicts.
So I’m baffled. How about you guys?