Trip…the light fantastic?

So, for the first time since August, I’m heading back to NYC.
Why, you ask? A couple of reasons. Primarily, the machine at Freeverse that truly is my baby (out of all the servers I do work on, I mean) needs some upgrading, and doing a major OS upgrade is not something you want to do remotely in case something blows up.
Also, there’s a big event at the Pokemon Center on Saturday around noon. I’ll be covering the event for GAFL on the side. In the words of Nintendo, “The fun can’t get much more fulfilling then that!”
Remember that post I made a few weeks ago about being a nerd? I told you.
Also, maybe I can finagle Steve into taking me down to Chinatown and trying once more to find PNM controllers. Maybe I can hit morning2midnight again, too.
In any case, I’ll be gone Thursday through Saturday. I find it somewhat ironic that I had told myself, “Do not go into the city in March” (Ian’s wife, Joanna, is quite pregnant and is due at the end of the month; I keep having these quasi-fears that it’s all going to happen when I show up), and here I am, showing up in March. Oh well.
Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen yet, check it out – a truly interesting movement. I’m running the forums there, too.