Suitcase surprise: Rebuke written on inspection notice

Seth Goldberg says that when he opened his suitcase in San Diego after a flight from Seattle this month, the two “No Iraq War” signs he’d picked up at the Pike Place Market were still nestled among his clothes.
But there was a third sign, he said, that shocked him. Tucked in his luggage was a card from the Transportation Security Administration notifying him that his bags had been opened and inspected at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Handwritten on the side of the card was a note, “Don’t appreciate your anti-American attitude!”
Here comes the punchline:
Nico Melendez, western regional spokesman for the TSA, said the note in Goldberg’s luggage will be investigated, but he said there’s no proof that a TSA employee wrote it. “It’s a leap to say it was a TSA screener,” Melendez said.
Link to article [via 8bop and boingboing]