Beasties weigh in on the war

Just found out via ven that the Beastie Boys have finally gotten off their collective asses and finally released a new song (link goes to MP3). And who’s shocked to find out it’s anti-war?
“This song is not an anti-American or pro-Saddam Hussein statement. This is a statement against an unjustified war.”
– Adam Horovitz
What’s more interesting than the fairly typical Beastie lyrics (which includes a mere one gem; You and Saddam should kick it like back in the day / With the cocaine and Courvoisier)? The fact that it actually sounds, well, a little different than most Beasties songs. Yeah, it’s still got the pass-the-mic style of lyrics, but the sampled melody line seems a little more traditional hip-hop than what they were using on Hello Nasty.
Even more interesting: Comparing this to Hijack – and hell, compare Hijack to the one other song the Beasties put out over the last 5 years, Alive – mc chris is now arguably a lyrical genius compared to the Beasties.